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Hello and welcome to my place in the Web!

My name is Sebastian Ferreyra and I do consulting work on Information Systems, User Interfaces and 2D/3D Graphic Design.

As you can see, I've not yet done any sophisticated work on my main page. As time allows I'll leave this site looking as good as my best work! I promise!

For the time being, I've put up a few small samples of some of my work & my CV (in English and Spanish) for those interested. But come back soon as I plan to add more samples and utilities I've written over the years.

Here's some of my work


Software system for legal firms managing overdue credit accounts using Java technology including Servlets, JSP, JDBC, XML, XSL, Dynamic HTML and CSS. 4-tier client/server architecture: Database, Business logic, Document generation on the server side and User Interface in the client. Currently running on company managing 43000+ accounts judicially and extra-judicially on database distributed over several provinces in northwestern Argentina, synchronized through the Internet.

I wrote the 100% Java high-performance gradient rendering code for the Kunststoff Look & Feel. Specializing the code to paint only vertical or horizontal gradients and using a weak-reference bitmap caching arquitecture makes this code about 40 times faster when rendering gradients compared to the standard Java2D gradient renderer, that's basically almost the same performance as painting single color backgrounds! Yet, thanks to the weak-reference cache, memory is freed if the bitmaps are not used after a while. This code is also being used by the Metouia Look & Feel.

A newer and much faster version I wrote takes advantage of hardware acceleration and is being used by Jide Software in many of their component libraries and frameworks.

This is a very simple FTP Client Library. It was written for compactness (the jar is ~10K), ease of use, and easy expandability following object oriented design principles which should prove useful when needing to add non-standard propietary FTP commands. For now it can only store text or files on a FTP Server (that's all the functionality I need right now :) but I'll complete the library soon. You can browse the documentation online. (Latest Version: 0.5.1 - Changes History). I have written a C# version of the library, I'll be posting it as soon as I get some time to package a distribution build.

The zip file contains the source, javadoc and jar file. Also included are two small Windows Scripting Host files:

  1. IPUploader.js: Detects Dial-Up Networking connections and uploads the IP address to a server. Put it in the Windows Startup folder.
  2. IPDownloader.js: Retrieves an IP address from a server and opens a SMB file browser or a web browser connected to that address.

The point of these two files is that they don't require server-side programming to enable computers to find each other even though they might have dynamic IPs.

Web Sites

Created for an Argentine folklore musician. It's mostly done in Flash and although it's just a prototype and incomplete it does have a fun user interface (try clicking on the CDs and the mail icon). The design is also modular so downloading is fast.

This prototype I'm working on is implemented using cross-browser compatible client-side XML/XSL processing, with minimal coding on the server-side (less than 20 lines for the whole site so far). Thanks to the site structure downloading is minimized and reaction times are fast. The architecture handles multiple languages on the client, minimizing page reloads and waiting times.

Please bear in mind however that this is a work in progress, many images are missing and some of the layout machinery is not finished on Mozilla based browsers. Future enhancements should also include faster, modular downloading of data.

3D Graphic Design

Some fruity pics for a Yogurt package design.

3D Wile Coyote - Incomplete, worked on my spare time. Eventually I want to create a sunday afternoon picture of me, my friends and photo-realistic Wile barbequing that obnoxious bird.

A 3D reconstruction of the face imprinted in the Shroud of Turin, allegedly Jesus Christ. The volume was essentially realized by displacement mapping. I later painted very roughly over the rendering to approximate what he might have looked like. The changes to the original volume where to remove what seems to be a gash or wrinkle in the shroud on one of his cheeks, the bumps on his eyes, presumably coins, and I fixed the part where his nose meets the mustache, which was possibly caused by the shroud hanging on the tip of his nose. Still, a lot more work is needed to call it finished.

Image Manipulation and Restoration

My better half's grandmother. The original photograph was burnt hence the missing parts. I had to guess the colors and was later told the blouse was in fact blue. Oh well. I'll fix it someday.

I did this for a retouching challenge at The idea was to create a 'Hedcut' of the photograph with commonly available filters. A 'Hedcut' is The Wall Street Journal's handrawn portrait style. Filters used: Posterization to 6 levels of gray, Find Edges, Grain: Speckles, using mostly the red channel for the final values of gray. Here's the full resolution result.

This time a restoration challenge at

Last update: June 23, 2005